Meet Kristina Zumpolle

Founder, Executive coach, Facilitator, Keynote speaker

Founder of Zumflow, Kristina is a no nonsense coach. Workshop leader and facilitator, Kristina has worked successfully with executives and teams across a variety of industries and countries. Her broad cultural and professional experiences have shaped her expansive and innovative coaching style. Kristina views each client as a burgeoning success and makes it her work to help them see their own potential.

“When you let go, things start to flow”

Kristina is a vibrant, positive and a glass half full kind of coach. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she works constantly to better herself so she can support her clients’ personal growth and of those around her.

She holds a BA in International Business Studies, is an accredited Coach (Coaches Training Institute) and Certified Practitioner of The Leadership Circle Profile Assessment Tool.