How to become a better leader, for your team and yourself?


Only leaders who know themselves can lead others to their full potential. Get clarity in your personal and professional life by joining our 5 week online course. You will have weekly live sessions with other professionals and Kristina as your leadership coach.

Who we work with.

For nearly a decade we’ve worked with and alongside credible clients of all sizes. From start-ups to much larger corporate companies, we’ve helped strengthen and support individuals and departments with a shared vision and ambition to make changes for the better. Here’s what some of them said about ZUMFLOW.

If you have a topic or project you’d like to chat about, drop us an email, a text or let’s meet for a ginger and lemon tea. After all, tea makes everything better, so the saying goes. How can we serve you?

About Zumflow

ZUMFLOW coaches, designs and delivers workshops and leadership programmes with a focus on effective and authentic leadership. Interested? Discover more about us here.

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