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Dick van der Wel - Review Zumflow

“I really enjoyed working with Zumflow.”

Kristina facilitated a 2-day offsite session for our international finance team. Thanks to her energy, expertise, creativity and the right interventions at the right time.

These days have become a great success. Kristina gives everything she has – and that’s a lot – and combines that with a great sense of humour.

Dick van der Wel,
People & Culture Director, L-founders of loyalty

Marloes van Kooten-Holsink - Review Zumflow

“Our team still talks about these very special days.”

The Circle of Trust offsite session, which Kristina hosted for my international team of Chinese, Hong Kongese, Indian, Scottish and Dutch direct reports was impressive. Kristina was able to anticipate last minute information about a company change that affected the team.

She was able to change the mindset of the team when they arrived at the beautiful scenery of House James, from totally confused to having faith in the future and trust within the team. The team still talks about these very special days.

Marloes van Kooten-Holsink
VP Sourcing & Production Calvin Klein

Esther van Waard - Review Zumflow

“At the group sessions, an atmosphere was created to be open, safely stretched outside of our comfort zone and peel down to the root of problems we had as a group.”

Empowered, that’s how we felt when Zumflow worked with us. We had several sessions. With our whole department and individually. In the group sessions an atmosphere was created to be open, to safely be stretched out of our comfort zone and peel down to the root of problems we had as a group. Our coaches proved to be firm in their critical view of what was necessary to handle but also had a good sense of ‘going with the flow’ when this was needed.

In the individual management sessions we (manager and coordinator) felt so very welcome to be honest about our department but also to each other. In this way we could ‘face our fears’ and deal with them. But! We were also invited to look upon our work in such a fresh and positive way, that, after working with Zumflow, we stood, and still stand, in our own strength.

Barbera Walet
Director Production NOS News

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