Personal Development course: Zumflow's Personal Leadership program

Learn how to become an inspiring, effective and authentic leader.

This course is specially put together to help you reconnect with yourself, providing you with insights and practical tools to make sure you get the most out of both your personal and professional life. Learn how to re-energise your body and mind. And walk away with clarity on your purpose, dreams and vision and next steps. Engage in dialogue with other leaders. Benefit from curated weekly conversations, to share and discuss practices and create new knowledge.

Do you often ask yourself…

…how do I become an inspiring, effective and authentic leader?
…how can I cope with pressures and setbacks?
…how can I deal with fear of conflict?
…how can I be better at managing my team and myself?
…how can I increase the team spirit?
…how do I improve teamwork? And find new ways to work together?

…how do I become better at giving and receiving feedback?

Then it is time to start working on personal leadership. Because most of the work is not in what you see, but what happens inside. Under water.

Date & Time

The first sessions of the next upcoming Personal Leadership courses start on

Friday 13 September 2024 at 09AM CET.

You will have access to the online environment and extra videos, downloads and audio lessons already 5 days before the first live session.  

Kristina Zumpolle - Zumflow

Kristina Zumpolle

Founder of Zumflow, Kristina is a no nonsense coach, workshop leader and facilitator. Kristina has worked successfully with executives and teams across a variety of industries and countries. Her broad cultural and professional experiences have shaped her expansive and innovative coaching style. Kristina views each client as a burgeoning success and makes it her work to help them see their own potential.

She holds a BA in International Business Studies, is an accredited Coach (Coaches Training Institute) and Certified Practitioner of The Leadership Circle Profile Assessment Tool. 

An excellent course, format and community wise. It helped me navigate through a time of uncertainty, centering myself, inspiring, motivating and connecting. It definitely helped strengthen me and this enabled me to help my team in a better way.

Sam Mirson

General Manager

Inside the Personal Leadership Course

This course helps you to reconnect with yourself, providing you with insights and practical tools to make sure you get the most out of both your personal and professional life. You will discover ways to re-energise your body and mind. And walk away with clarity on your purpose, dreams and vision and next steps.

Getting Started
Introducing you to the set up of this 5 week course with video content, weekly virtual zoom sessions, reflection material and journaling.

Part 1: Your Compass
What are your personal and professional dreams? Are you clear on your vision and your purpose? Get ready to open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

Part 2: Dive Deeper
Dive beneath the surface to learn how to stay curious and open, starting with identifying what values will guide you in the next chapter of your life. 

Part 3: Supercharge
How can you live and lead with more energy? Learn how to take care of yourself through inner work.

Part 4: Self-discovery
Join us on this journey of self-discovery and explore what’s holding you back from fulfilling your true potential.

Part 5: Moving forward
What are the things you would like to change in your life? Move forwards by setting clear goals and create a strategy to achieve them.

Dates & Times
You will have access to the online environment and course content 5 days before the first live session. To make the most of our live sessions, we recommend allocating some time every week to review the material before joining the sessions. This preparation will enhance your experience and allow us to dive deeper into the topics during our live discussions.

The next upcoming Personal Leadership course starts on Friday 13 September 2024 at 09AM CET.

30 video + 14 audio lessons
18 reflection documents
Weekly virtual zoom sessions with Kristina Zumpolle
Personal Action Plan
1 year unlimited access to training material

Having a live Zoom session every week will provide an opportunity for interactive learning and discussion. For the sake of simplicity, sessions will be held at the same time every week. All of our sessions will be recorded, so even if you can’t make it to a session, you won’t miss out on any valuable content.

Here are all the live dates for our Friday group (09.00 – 11.00 CET) 
1st live session: 13.09.24
2nd live session: 20.09.24
3rd live session: 27.09.24
4th live session: 04.10.24
5th live session: 11.10.24

Interested in joining a group later in the year? Please contact us, and we’ll find the best dates for you. We can also accommodate full team, exclusive groups tailored just for you, suitable for teams of 5-100. Contact us here.

The live sessions where the highlight of the past few weeks. Zumflow manages to bring a very inspiring group of people together, challenges us all to open up and share learnings. This training gave me the right tools and a lot of helpful insights to become a better version of myself. To become a better leader. This was a life changing experience.

Marloes van Kooten

Vice President Supply Value Chain Digital Transformation

Reclaim your leadership flow!

Get insights into effective leadership behaviour with real life examples in easy to understand language.

Learn how to make better decisions faster in your personal life and at work.

Learn how to increase proactivity, motivation and trust in your team by being yourself.

Tune in whenever and wherever it suits you best.

Weekly live sessions

Join weekly live online sessions with a group of likeminded professionals. Sessions will be available to watch afterwards.

4-5 new videos every week

You will have access to 4-5 new videos every week. Reflect on these topics using your personal journal.

1 year full access

You get 1 year full access to the training material and videos. Even after the course is completed.

Personal Leadership Course

Become a better leader for yourself, your team and your company!








As a newer leader in my organization, this course has helped me to find my authentic confidence in how I lead. It provides supportive frameworks in how to balance and reflect in how you show up everyday.

Brittany Variano

Director Business Operations

Are you ready to scale up?

After having connected to the inspiring, effective and authentic leader you are personally it is time to scale up and connect with others. 

The Ripple Effect course is specially put together to help you connect with others. By helping and motivating others to grow, you too evolve and develop yourself. This is your ripple effect.

Being aware of your actions and the effect your behaviour has on others is key in this 4-week course. Don’t miss this opportunity to continue your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


How much time do I need to set aside to get the most out of the course?

Participating is a gift to yourself. You have to decide for yourself how much time you want to invest. The weekly virtual zoom sessions take 2 hrs. We recommend you to have short daily reflections of 15 minutes. Per week you have 4-6 videos to watch and reflect on. In total we recommend you to spend +- 6 hrs per week on the course.

How long will the training material be available after the course?

We encourage our participants to revisit the training material after completing the course. A Leadership Flow membership lasts for one year from the date of course completion. This means you will have access to videos and other material when needed. Once your membership expires, you will have a few different options to renew your membership in order to maintain your access.

Can I get a refund when I’m not satisfied?

We offer our clients a 14-day money back guaranteae from the date of purchasing a course. We will refund the course fee provided that you contact us within this period and have attended all live sessions during this time. The money back guarantee applies only to the first-ordered course, not to additional or secondary orders.

How can I ask questions and will they get enough attention?

Yes, we’ll have LIVE zoom sessions every week. You can ask questions during these live sessions and you get your answers right away. These sessions will be recorded and available to watch afterwards. You can always get in touch with Kristina and her team via email.

Can I also enroll in the Ripple Effect course?

We typically have three Ripple Effet courses scheduled per year. Start dates are usually in Q1, Q2 and Q4. Starting dates are communicated on our website. During the courses you are free to work with the video content, audio files and the reflection documents in your own time and at your own pace.

For every Ripple Effect course, we host a series of 4x live Zoom sessions. We will have one session per week. The sessions will be recorded and available to watch afterwards.