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ZUMFLOW is a network of internationally experienced coaches and facilitators working across the globe. We deliver coaching sessions and workshops to leaders across every type of industry. And we speak English, Dutch and Swedish. And drink fresh ginger and lemon tea. Try it, you might like it.


Kristina Zumpolle

– Founder

There’s no nonsense with this no nonsense coach, Kristina. Workshop leader and facilitator, Kristina has worked successfully with Executives and teams across a variety of industries and countries. Her broad cultural and professional experiences have shaped her expansive and innovative coaching style. She views each client as a burgeoning success. And makes it her work to help them see their own potential.

Kristina is vibrant, positive and a glass half full kind of coach. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she works constantly to better herself so she can support your personal growth and of those around her.

English – Swedish – Dutch


Kim Lammers

– Olympic & World Champion Hockey, Motivational speaker & Coach facilitator

After a long and successful international career in field hockey, Kim knows better than anyone what it takes to make teams collaborate successfully.

First as a player and later as a coach she has achieved great results with different teams. From a sports background she now coaches teams in both sports and business.

Her approach is inspiring in an interactive way and she uses sport as a metaphor. Kim her mission is to get people moving in the broadest sense of the word.

Dutch – English


Seema Sodha

Leadership Coach & Global Trainer

Seema is a passionate Leadership Coach. With her deep presence and playful style, Seema has helped ambitious professionals transition into a heart-centered leadership approach so that they experience success with more joy, purpose and flow. Her style is holistic and empowering and she is known for creating safe spaces where healing, breakthroughs and transformation occur.

She helps clients amplify their leadership presence and effectiveness by: gaining clarity on their leadership compass (values, vision & purpose).

As an East Indian woman born and raised in Canada, she is driven by the belief that our diverse backgrounds and perspectives are strengths that conscious leaders need to own and lead from so that they develop meaningful relationships and create change on a systemic level.



Vera van Haren

– Personal Leadership Coach & Trainer

Vera has a master in psychology and is a corporate leadership trainer and program developer with many years of experience providing outstanding programs for hundreds of managers and employees. By combining real listening, in-depth questioning and out of the comfort zone techniques, she has the ability to open up the full potential of people and guide them to the next steps in their personal lives and careers.

Vera is an expert at creating a psychological safe environment and awareness. She is strong in analysing group dynamics and she will speak out the unspoken. Besides that, you are assured of a positive and authentic attitude, real attention and loads of humor.



Fredrik Lyhagen

– Leadership Coach & Consultant

Fredrik brings a wealth of international experience to the world of Leadership Coaching. His journey through a career in Sales Management, Talent Management, Alliance Management and Consulting affords him a strategic approach yet grounded presence – which is always warmly welcomed by clients.

Fredrik is an energetic and empathetic coach and facilitator. He’s passionate about conversations that explore intrinsic motivations and push the boundaries of one’s comfort zone.

English – Swedish


Jessica Slijkhuis

– Leadership Coach & Trainer

After a long and successful academic career, Jessica transitioned her organisational expertise to Leadership Coaching. She’s coached Executives, Managers and teams at some of the most recognisable international organisations. And leaves no stone unturned when finding ways to meet the needs of her clients.

She designs and delivers individual and group change processes that have lasting impact by finding and assessing the unique needs of each client. Because only then can she deliver on it. Jessica is a learner as well as a teacher, always working to better herself so that she can improve the performance of others.

Dutch – English


Theresa Sigillito Hollema

– Cultural Consultant & Leadership Trainer

Theresa regards cultural competence as a key skill in a successful leader’s toolbox. It’s why her three focus areas are developing cultural competence, alongside building high performance teams, and working virtually across time and space. With a warm and interactive technique, Theresa stimulates leaders, teams, individuals and organisations into understanding what it means to work globally, and to develop competences successfully, to be their very best.

A visual learner, and author of the book, ‘Virtual Teams Across Cultures’, Theresa has rigorously researched this field to find insights and guidance around issues global leaders face. Her book delivers practical solutions for the business community, so worth a read.



Jasmijn de Smit

– Leadership Coach & Trainer

Jasmijn’s steadfast formula to leadership coaching works. A management professional with warmth and geniality, she excavates core qualities. This helps her shape potential pitfalls and challenges to then build a profile to help analyse the type of leadership training required.

Having lived in China, Middle East and Europe, working in technology, consulting and hospital management, this internationally-oriented coach sees every challenge as an opportunity to break a vicious circle and expose the best person possible to lead the way.

Dutch – English


Peter Teijgeman

Leadership Coach & Trainer

Peter is one of those Leadership Coaches who creates breakthrough moments for those eager to accelerate their leadership effectiveness. He helps his clients gain clarity, direction and momentum by unleashing their natural strengths, talents and passions so that they can lead themselves and their organisations to new levels of mastery. Sounds epic. It is.

Peter’s ability to identify with challenges and find ways to offer new perspectives and support in making powerful choices is something highly valued by his clients. Peter is passionate about working with Executives and Leaders who are committed to creating a positive ripple effect in the world around them. His successful track record of launching clients into their zone of genius is testament to that.

Dutch – English – German


Kate Jordan

Personal-Leadership Coach & Integrative Enneagram specialist

Kate’s passion for self-awareness development both fuels, and is at the heart of her work.

Using the IEQ9 Integrative Enneagram framework as her platform, Kate’s experience lies in working with individuals and teams to improve relationships, performance and engagement.

Kate is specialized in building resilient Personal-leadership capability by assisting her clients in developing self-awareness, self-management, emotional intelligence and agility, communication skills, as well as developing leadership and management teams.

Kate’s approach to development includes a deep understanding of underlying motivations and behaviour-focused change process, as well as her inspiring, compassionate support that assists in achieving results.




Kim Witte

Personal Leadership Coach, Team Development, Interim Consultant & Change Manager

Kim brings years of HR and leadership development experience in international companies and has extensively worked with leaders to shape their unique leadership style, build high performing teams and realize sustainable change.

Having a genuine interest in people and having the true believe that each person has a uniqueness to bring to the world, Kim gets energized by partnering up with leaders and high potentials to enable reflection and create awareness, so that development can be shaped and realised and people can flourish in life and work.


Kim’s approach is warm and personal, never exactly the same and build on trust and partnership.

Dutch – English


Jean Kosmann

– Organizational Developer, Leadership Coach & Trainer

People describe Jean as a strong, determined personality and at the same time as very approachable and empathetic.

Do whatever it takes from a connection!

Jean is aware of the environment and able to bridge conflicting interests. He uses a result-oriented and process-based approach with a great sense of ‘tact’ and is based on thorough research and clear analysis. Jean connects change management, training and leadership coaching.

He knows what is going on, knows the relationships in the workplace and recognizes the dilemmas. His broad experiences in both the public and private domain are mutually reinforcing. He brings a fresh, broad perspective on business for organizations and its employees.



Hanna Kiebert

– Project Manager & Producer

Hanna is an all-around creative content producer and project manager with a focus on initiatives that enable positive change and a sustainable future.

With strong organizational skills and a keen attention to detail, she is a flexible and committed producer, a communications professional with the experience of working across a wide range of international brands, projects and productions. She also does a wide range of craft-based projects from a house with a rooftop vegetable garden in Amsterdam.


English – Swedish – Dutch

If you have a topic or project you’d like to chat about, drop us an email, a text or let’s meet for a ginger and lemon tea. After all, tea makes everything better, so the saying goes. How can we serve you?

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