Finding Flow; Connect with yourself, others and the planet

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by Kristina Zumpolle & Hanna Kiebert

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Finding Flow highlights some of the most effective activities and routines that can be used to connect with yourself and others. Based on the experience of working with hundreds of leaders and numerous organizations, this is a collection of ideas, tools, and tips that have had a positive and lasting impact on individuals and teams, across industries.

Finding Flow nudges you to rethink, reset, and reorganize some of the building blocks of life and to create personal (climate) goals. In short, to make time to reconsider how, what and when we consume. Also available in Dutch.

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9 reviews for Finding Flow; Connect with yourself, others and the planet

  1. Patrick Scholtemeijer

    A great collection of actionable tips, tools, and insights that will make a difference, even if we would only implement a few of them.

  2. Francoise Brooks

    An up to the minute, action-driven “guide for living” for those conscious of their desire to optimise their own time on this beautiful planet and conscious of their desire to leave a legacy of positive change.
    The passion of the authors is tangible and each page provides inspiration without preaching. This book recognizes that we can all play our part, however imperfect that may be: hallelujah!!!

  3. Aviva Kuperus

    The book gives a good guidance to improve yourself and your habits in daily life and work. The tips & tricks how to integrate these are very useful. It makes you evaluate your impact on people and the world. The book is very well written and it’s easy to implement the suggestions in your daily routines.

    The authors show that we all can make a difference and create a positive flow. I would recommend this book to friends, family and co-workers.

  4. Graham Bird

    I haven’t read the book (yet) but knowing Kristina, it will be full of passion, and wisdom, backed by solid experience.

  5. Julia Reiter

    Dear Kristina, what a wonderful way to share your purpose of life in a book which I can go back to whenever needed. I find the combination of text, powerful questions to think, nice illustrations and quotes to strengthen the message great! The part on the purpose of life, ones gifts we have to share is my favorite. And the illustration I remember the most and made me think are the 7R’s. A totally new of looking at the present and focus for the future! Thank you for sharing a lot of your wonderful personality and knowledge in this book! I highly recommend to read it!

  6. Rosalie ten Bruggencate

    Thank you for sowing the seeds!!! The easy tools in this book reminds me to connect with myself, others and the planet, every day! 🙏🏻

  7. Mariangel Oliveira

    Finding Flow is not a regular book, it is a compilation of very useful information, tips and ways in which we can better as people from our internal forum, as a member of our society and inhabitant of planet earth. It is without a doubt a must read and an excellent gift for you and others 🙂

  8. Louise Edwards (verified owner)

    Thank you for this inspiring book! So full of insight and nuggets to use at home and at work. I am back to buy this book for my colleagues now. Everyone needs a little flow…

  9. Kurt Flodin

    Kurt – 10 Feb 2021
    Thank you for opening my mind and giving tips in how I, on a daily base can make my draw to a better and cleaner word!

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