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BREATHE: a thought awakening leadership & charity event!


The charity auction held at the event will feature a range of services and experiences relevant for business, teams or personal development, with each item offered ranging between € 2.000 to € 17.000 in value.

100% of the auction proceeds will go towards supporting SELVA – Vida Sin Fronteras (RAINFOREST – Life Without Frontiers), a non-profit action-oriented NGO working to protect the natural value of the Amazon through supporting indigenous communities (ANBI status in the Netherlands).

The aforementioned auction offers have been provided by the wonderful sponsors of the event, listed below.

SELVA – Vida Sin Fronteras (RAINFOREST- Life Without Frontiers) is an independent ACTION oriented and non-profit NGO, founded by Mariana Almeida in Ecuador in 1997. SELVA supports the fearless indigenous communities who protect the Amazon rainforest with crucial medical and food aid, as well as with projects generating community income.

Auction Offer: Brace yourself for a truly life-changing and memorable leadership journey: a 7 DAY AMAZON RAINFOREST EXPEDITION!

This exclusive trip will be hosted by Mariana Almeida (SELVA Executive President) and Pieter Jan Brouwer (Amazon Project Coordinator) and facilitated by Kristina Zumpolle (Founder of Zumflow and initiater of this Breathe Auction). You will be surrounded by the richest and most biodiverse tract of the Rainforest that exists. A paradise for hummingbirds, river dolphins, monkeys, caimans and butterflies. We will visit a majestic 600-year-old tree and interact with two indigenous communities. During the journey you will be guided by Siona Shaman Delio and visit the Cuyabeno national park, one of the wonders of the world. Throughout the journey you will receive top-class leadership coaching. Accommodation, transport and food will be provided. (8 max, travel not included). Days on site April 22-29, 2022.

Balthazar Brands is a boutique branding agency with 20 years of experience in developing successful international consumer brands. Balthazar creates brands from the heart based on its own ‘Blueprint Philosophy’.

Auction Offer: The Blueprint Workshop (2 days) – attend an insightful presentation & helpful workshop with your team (max 8) to develop the brand of your dreams!

Mirjam Willaert, is a concept developer and creative trainer/coach with over 25 years of experience. She uses the concept of ‘Skogsfloating’ to inspire open-mindedness in a forested natural setting.

Auction Offer: We invite you & your team (max 11) to enjoy the benefits of a ‘Skogsfloating‘ session with a knowledgeable professional, redefining the corporate meeting space and inspiring deeper/broader strategic thinking to overcome challenging situations.

Vivian Reijs is a certified hormone expert, bestselling author, speaker and founder of a successful health platform for women. She does ever-so valuable work helping women restore their natural hormone balance.

Auction Offer: An online 60-minute masterclass: ‘Restore Your Hormones’ for up to 50 attendees. Invite your colleagues & friends for an opportunity to level-up and optimize your health!

Arjen Paardekooper is partner of Blenheim Advocaten and captain of the beautiful classic boat pictured above.

Auction Offer: Enjoy a lovely 3-hour boat ride as Captain Arjen will share his unique stories while guiding your group (max 8) through the canals of Amsterdam! Champagne, other drinks & snacks are included in this trip.

Steven Bres is an established radio DJ with over 20 years of experience. He has worked with artists such as Guus Meeuwis, Nick & Simon, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Glennis Grace, as well as All Symphonica in Rosso Concerts. He is a specialist in the field of hits from the 80s/90s and his main genres are Dance, House & Lounge.

Auction Offer: Enjoy a two-hour DJ session in the location of your choice (home-party, company party etc.) for maximum 250 people.

Theresa S. Hollema is a Zumflow consultant, trainer and author of the book Virtual Teams Across Cultures. She supports leaders and teams in development.

Ulrika Hedlund is the CEO of Storyals. Storyals provides story-based learning solutions and high-quality adoption services, to build digital skills for the modern workplace.

Auction Offer: Develop and take part in a 3-hour workinar: Hybrid Working – From Concept to Practice (on MS Teams). Productivity expert Ulrika Hedlund and author Theresa S. Hollema will combine their expertise for this interactive and engaging session. Participants will leave knowing the ins and outs of hybrid working and what they can do to be more inclusive and effective during these challenging times.

Kim Lammers is an Olympic Gold Medal winner (2012 London) in Field Hockey. She is a valuable team player and a winner, giving presentations and providing team trainings to develop workplace teamwork and leadership skills.

Auction Offer: A preliminary interview/presentation by Kim Lammers: ‘From Bronze to Gold’ – 4 key topics: Improve Continuously, Dealing with Change and Setbacks, Collaboration/Inspiration.

ZUMFLOW – founded by Kristina Zumpolle – designs and delivers workshops and leadership programs with a focus on effective and authentic leadership. Their areas of expertise are Leadership Development, Cultural Change Processes, Leadership Training & Programs, Energy Management, Executive Coaching, as well as Workshop Design and Facilitation.

Auction Offer: Take part in a Be Well Lead Well Pulse® – online assessment for scientifically backed, holistic leadership well-being optimization facilitated by Seema Sodha & Peter Teijgeman – Leadership Coach & Trainers (Management Team, up to 6 participants).

Marnix de Stigter is an internationally renowned photographer who was voted #1 Wedding Photographer of the World in 2020.

Auction Offer: Experience a Vanity Fair-style professional photoshoot with Marnix (for a single person, couple, family, or a team of up to eight members).